Do I have to log-in to book?

Before to perform a booking it is required to log-in using as a user a valid mail address to which acknowledgement mails of the reservations will be sent.

How many participants are allowed for a lesson?

The number of allowed participants for a lesson depends on the School, during the booking process you may enter as maximum the number of participants allowed by the School.

Where do I see the price for extra participant (from the second one included) for private lessons?

During the booking process the price for each extra participant will be displayed, this price is usually much less than the one for the first participant.

Is the reservation confirmed?

The reservation is automatically confirmed, because it is possible to book only hours and instructors that are available. As soon as the booking process is completed a mail as acknowledgment is sent to the Client and the School with all the data of the reservation, among them the transaction code of the payment performed with the credit card.

How BKUIK can know the updated availability of the instructors?

The Schools associated with BKUIK use BKUIK as their back-end system.

May I modify a reservation?

A reservation performed through Bkuik can be modified to add/substitute participants, add lessons, change the meeting point. If the change will imply a price difference, the price difference will have to be paid. For any change a mail as acknowledgement will be sent.

May I cancel a reservation?

A reservation performed through Bkuik can be cancelled, the reimbursement, partial or full, of the price paid depends on the terms and conditions of the School, terms and conditions can be consulted on the site of the School.

May I see the reservations directly made at a School associated with Bkuik?

Even the reservations made at a School associated with Bkuik are displayed if the mail used as user of Bkuik has been provided to the School. These reservations cannot be modified.


What are the ways of payment?

The payment can be done through credit card during the reservation, the credit cards of the main circuits are accepted (Visa/Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, Diners Club/Discover).

Is secure the payment?

The most updated security standards are adopted: credit card data are not stored on the site Bkuik, the payment is managed by Six Payment (six-group.com), an important acquiring company, depending on the credit card is required the check code (CVC2 or CVV2) or used the technology 3-D Secure.